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His Life and Literature
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a pioneer in nineteenth century Romantic English Poetry, was born at Ottery, St. Mary in 1772. He was the youngest child of his father-Reverend John Coleridge, Vicar and school-master of St. Mary of Devonshire. Coleridge was first educated at Christ's Hospital, where he met Lamb and grew intimate with him. He later went to Jesus College, Cambridge. He, however, left the University in 1794, without obtaining any degree.
Coleridge's literary career began quite early. He started writing verses while in the university. Some of his early verses appeared in the Morning Chronicle during 1793- 95. In 1794, he wrote, jointly with Southey, with whom he had already developed intimacy, The Fall of Robespierre. He also attempted to start a newspaper, under the title The Watchman, in 1794. But that could not prove successful.
Coleridge came to be acquainted with Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy early in 1…
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 William Wordsworth date of birth
William Wordsworth was born in 1770 at Cockermouth, in the north of the lake country.
William Wordsworth early life
 He was the second child of a fairly prosperous attorney-at-law. William lost his mother at the age of eight and his father at the age of thirteen. His only companion was his sister, Dorothy Wordsworth. He spent his early childhood in Lake Districts, the natural scenes of which influenced him to a great extent. He had his education at St. John's School, Cambridge, and remained there till 1791. 
Life and Works of William Wordsworth
He his poetic career quite early in his life. In 1813 he was appointed as a stamp- distributor. Gradually his reputation as a poet increased. He was honoured with a state pension in 1842 and the laureateship in 1843. He died in 1850.
Wordsworth chief works are Descriptive Sketches (1793), Lyrical Ballads (1798), Michael (1800), (1799-1805), The Excursion (1814), etc.
He, too was a l…

Biography of WILLIAM BLAKE (1757-1827)

                  Biography ofWILLIAM BLAKE(1757-1827)
William Blake
William Blake was a British artist and poet. He was the third son of a LondonHosier. He was born in London on November 28, 1757.He was a visionary and dreamer from early childhood.
William Blake wife
In 1782 he married Catharine Boucher, an illiterate girl, whom he taught how to read and write. From 1784 to 1787, Blake kept a print shop in Broad street, Golden Square, London.
William Blake works
Blake had no academic distinction. Whatever he learned, he learned by his own efforts. He studied painting and became both a painter and a poet. Some of the poems of his Poetical Sketches were written, when he was only a boy of twelve. William Blake facts
William Blake was a Republican, but the September Massacre by the Jacobinescured him of all his enthusiasm for the French Revolution. From 1793 to 1800 he livedat Lambeth. At last he escaped and came back to London in 1803. The next period of Blake's life was very sad. He labou…